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The NEBO WORKBRITE adapts to your work environment, making it the handiest of work lights. The WORKBRITE features three different ways to provide you with hands-free lighting for the task at hand: a hanging hook, a 200º pivoting stand and a magnetic base. Aside from being handy, the WORKBRITE is…well, BRIGHT! 200 lumens of pure white light are outputted by the 20 LED face, and for standard flashlight use, another 6 LEDs are located in the head, providing 60 lumens of brightness. For handheld use, the WORKBRITE features an ergonomic, non-slip grip. For added durability, the body is also completely impact and water-resistant. Whether you are under the hood, under the sink, or just out in the dark, the WORKBRITE works great for any application. WORKBRITE…It stands!  It hooks!  It sticks!  It lights!  It WORKS!



Settings – 6 LEDs - 60 lumens                  20 LEDs - 260 lumens

Run Time – 6 LEDs - 40 hours of continuous illumination                    20 LEDs - 15 hours of continuous illumination

Size – 9.125” (H) x 1.75” (W) x 1” (D) Weight – 0.3 lbs. Batteries – 4 AAA Batteries (Included)



  • 20 LEDs (face) provide 200 lumens of white light. (Bulbs rated for 110,000+ hours of life)
  • 6 LEDs (head) provide 60 lumens of white light.
  • 60 meters viewing distance with 200 lumen setting
  • Three convenient hands-free lighting options: hanging hook, 200º pivoting stand & a magnetic base
  • Ergonomic non-slip grip
  • Impact-resistant / Water-resistant



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