The Ashley Book of Knots

  • The Ashley Book of Knots

A hardcover book representing over 3900 different knots, from simple hitches to "Marlingspike Seamanship." Mr. Ashley has included almost everything there is to know about them. He explains when they appeared, a bit about their history, and what they are typically used for.

Each knot shows detailed directions on how to tie them with simply and clear text alongside 7000 drawings to make it still more graphic. This book will open a new and challenging world of practical adventure to readers of all ages. There are many distinctive features to this informal encyclopedia.

Outstanding are the delightful sketches and illustrations by the author that enliven every page. These range alphabetically from Archer to Yachtsman, and aesthetically from Florist to Hangman. The forty-one chapters include knots classed under such general types as "Hooks, Beckets, and Toggles, " "The Noose, " and "Tricks and Puzzles." Mr. Ashley has devoted eleven years to writing this book, and it is based on forty years of looking for, trying out, and thinking up new knots.

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