The Artist's Corner

Within the paracord community, there are many extremely talented artists.  Here you will find their superb work and products.


Greg owns Surf City Paracord.  His "outside of the box" thinking has gained him world-wide recognition for his creative work. Please enjoy his innovative and unique paracord products.  Products from Surf City Paracord will be unavailable until February.  



One of the paracord kings is Mr. Coop.  Known well for his paracord tutorials on Youtube, he also is very involved with other hand crafted items.  The pens he produces are top notch in quality and design.  Not only does he create great pens, but the paracord items he creates are among the best on the market.  Be sure to check out his amazing work!


Do you have a unique or innovative creation?  We will showcase it here for you.  Use the form below to contact us directly.