Fan Projects


Send us your current projects and finished projects to

They will be posted here to inspire others and showcase your work!


Paracord Collection - By Mark


Paracord Octopus - By Grant 



Paracord Belt with Shackle Buckle - By Dylan



Two Solomon Bracelets by Ondra


3-color Fishtail - By Louis   Really cool look to this one.



Lee - Solomon with charm



Scabbard Cover - By WildBill



Watch Band by Rommel



Snake Skin Design by Ryan



Veteran Bracelet by Mary



Barbed Wire Design by Noah



The "Bi-strand loop"


The basic Solomon



Curling Millipede - By Jerome



Genoese Piano Bar - Olympic Style - By Alex



Modified Fishtail for Olympics - By Skip



Solomon's Heart - Melissa  Looks better than my attempt at this one.  I tied mine too tight.



Tsunami - Tammy.  Nice and tight!



Stitched Solomon - Tammy.  Very Cool!



Millipede Quick Deploy with Buckle by Chad P.  -  Nice job adding the buckle.



Soloman V Bar By Sgt. Rock



Soloman V Bar by Dustin




Crooked Half Hitch by Truggles



Sharks Tooth with glow in the dark - By Barry  Thanks Barry!



Boxed In by Matt S.  


Snake in the Grass by Matt S. - Color Combo looks awesome!


Crooked Half Hitch by Scooter - Nice work!


Shark's Tooth by HardcoreSlot - My favorite design so far!  love this picture!