Green Tightening Tool

  • Green Tightening Tool
  • Green Tightening Tool

The Tightening Tool is a tool used in paracording and marine rope work. Shaped in the form of a polished metal cone tapered to a rounded or flattened point, they aid in such tasks as untying knots, tightening knots, and splicing rope.  This is a great, lightweight EDC item for your bug out bag that can also double as a kubaton / kubotan for self defense.  

This great new tool has the following features:
Made from billet aircraft aluminum with durable high luster anodized finish!
Hole in one end for a keyring, keychain, or lanyard.
Diamond knurled to provide a positive grip.
The tip is slightly rounded for easier use
The Tightening Tool is hollow so you can store a fid or flint rod.

7" long x 9/16" diameter.


$18.99   On Sale  $24.99

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