Monthly Paracord Subscription

  • Monthly Paracord Subscription

How would you like to receive paracord each month that corresponds with that month's theme?  (Halloween, Valentines, etc...)

Now with the paracord subscription, you can.  

Here's how it works:

-Each month you will receive 4 - 100ft sections of paracord that match the current month's theme.  
-$29.99 per month.  (A $6.00 savings per month)
-The colors will never repeat during the calender year.  Meaning if you get "red" in January, you do not have to worry about getting "red" again that year.  
-You will receive a mix between solid and pattern colors. 
-Your subscription will begin the day you sign up and will ship same day or next day.  Subscriptions that start between the 1st and the 14th of each month will receive that month's theme.  If your subscription is made after the 14th, you will receive the next months theme and all subscriptions include free shipping for US residents only.  Standard shipping applies for international orders.

Month - Theme

January - Winter
February - Valentine's Day
March - St. Patty's Day
April - Spring time and Easter
May - Cinco de Mayo
June - Patriotic - So you can have them in time for the 4th of July
July - Summer Colors
August - HOT Summer days
September - Labor Day/Patriot Day
October - Halloween
November - Thanksgiving
December - Christmas/Holiday Season

$29.99   On Sale  $36.00

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