Complete Hammock Setup - 6 Colors

  • Complete Hammock Setup - 6 Colors
  • Complete Hammock Setup - 6 Colors
  • Complete Hammock Setup - 6 Colors
  • Complete Hammock Setup - 6 Colors
  • Complete Hammock Setup - 6 Colors
  • Complete Hammock Setup - 6 Colors


This all-in-one pack comes with EVERYTHING you need to hammock camp.  Nothing is left out.  Below you will read about each item that is included.  These are the items included:

Hammie Hangers - Tree Straps
Rain Fly - To keep the rain off
Hammie Hooks - To hook the hammock to the straps
Mosquito Net
Air Pad - To keep you warm and comfy


Get your "hammock on" with a hammock made of a lightweight, yet extremely durable rip-stop nylon.  Perfect for hammock camping because of it's minimal weight and cinch-down strap that compacts the entire hammock into the size of sandwich.  If camping is not up your alley and you just want to hang out, these are the go-to hammocks for family gatherings, the beach, or your favorite music festival.

Some companies don't include 2 heavy carabiners, 2 ropes, and an attached stuff sack, but we want you to hang out as soon as you unpack your hammie.  Two people can comfortably use the hammock and has a 500 pound capacity.

But, lets face it, who really wants to share? 

Stuff Sack Dimensions:

Height x Width x Length
6.5" x 5.5" x 5.5

Total Weight
1.65 Pounds

Hammock Dimensions:

Length x Width
10 Feet x 6.25 Feet


The Hammie Hangers allow you to hang your hammock anywhere and will not harm a tree.  Each Hammie Hanger has 20 attachment loops. 


Stuff Sack Dimensions:
Height x Width x Thickness
4.5 Inch x 4.5 Inch x 2.5 Inch

Hammie Hangers Tree Straps Dimensions:
Length x Width x Thickness
10 Feet x 1 Inch x 1/16 Inch

Total Weight:
.95 Pounds

Weight Rating:

1000 Pounds


Rain rain go away.  Or at least don't get me wet!  

Stay dry with a high quality, waterproof rain fly.  The waterproof coating repels water quickly and effectively to keep you dry.  Easily hang 1 hammock underneath and has plenty of room for a 2nd hammock.  It's large size and low weight factor are perfect for someone hiking and is concerned about weight and how much space in their backpack it takes up.  The included ropes have a highly reflective tracer strand.  Hit it with a flashlight beam and it reflects directly back.  Each corner of the Rain Fly has a strong grommet and a nylon loop for attaching trekking poles or ropes.

1 - Rain Fly
2 - Aluminum Stakes
4 - Reflective Tracer Ropes With Adjuster
1 - Stuff Sack for Rain Fly
1 - Stuff Sack for Stakes and Ropes

Stuff Sack Dimensions:
Height x Width X Length
9.5" x 5.5" x 5.5"

1.7 Pounds

Overall Dimensions:
Width x Length
10' x 10'

Diagonal Measurement (see picture)
14' 3"


Rugged, super lightweight, and totally rad!  Hook up your hammie and make your friends jealous with these metallic finished, killer looking Hammie Hooks.  Each pack contains 2 Hammie Hooks.


Length x Width x Thickness
3.1" x 1.9" x .35"

.7 Ounces


The mosquito net hangs from the same attachment points at the hammock and surrounds the entire hammock and yourself to keep the pesky bugs away.  The heavy duty zipper located in the middle of the net makes it very easy to get in and out of your hammock.

1 - Mosquito Net and Attached Stuff Sack

Stuff Sack Dimensions:
Height x Width X Length
7" x 5.5" x 4.5"

.65 Pounds

Overall Dimensions:
Width x Length
126" x 64"


Stay warm and super comfy at night with the use of an insulating air mat.  No one wants to be cold at night, am I right?  Body heat can be pulled from the bottom of hammock even with a good sleeping bag.  By using an insulating air mat you eliminate that problem.  Each puncture resistant air mat comes with a small stuff sack and a repair kit should any holes appear.  Yesssss you have to blow it up, such a buzz kill.  Luckily you will only need around 10 good breaths to get-er-done.  

Air Pad Dimensions:

Length x Width x Inflated Thickness
91" x 27" x 2.5"

Weight (Including stuff sack and repair kit)
1.05 Pounds


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