So how do you know when you may be addicted to working on the site?...

When your other half goes to bed and you stay up an extra hour to write a blog.


I've gotten a lot done lately and there is a LOT coming up.   A whole bunch of new items coming in within the next two or three weeks which I am very excited about.  Mostly, it is simple survival gear and smaller hiking do-dads.  I can't wait to get them out.


Oh and before I forget, to anyone who takes a picture with a BoredParacord item and sends it here, you will receive a promo code saving you 15% off of your next purchase.  This will also hold true for anyone who tweets a picture with BoredParacord gear as long as BoredParacord is tagged in it. 

These pictures will be collected and put on a page within this website.  We are looking for new ideas, amazing locations, and any other great pictures from our fans for this section of the site.


Oh wow, one more thing!  I haven't figured out how to do it yet, but all actual paracord sold on this site will have free shipping.  This is to come within the next couple days.  Some call me crazy.  I call me...well...crazy!