Paracord Inspiration and New Product Now Available

Here at BoredParacord, we are constantly looking for new paracord designs that have not yet been invented.  Spending a few minutes, every day, messing around with some extra pieces of paracord is usually where I start.  To the best of my knowledge, I have invented some really great designs using this technique.  Sometimes inspiration also comes from other people, such as JD at Tying it All Together or Mr. Coop.  Both of them make great tutorials, be sure to check them both out.   There are many possibilities with paracord, seemingly endless in fact.  I am interested in creating videos that people like to watch, get a thing or two out of, and can follow along easily.  Also, variations of existing designs are also important.  I want to hear from you.  If you have created a variation of design and would like a video made on your behalf, please get in touch with me.  There are many ways to do this. is my email, send an email through this website, leave a note on the BoredParacord Youtube channel, even contact me on twitter.  I look forward to seeing your new innovative variations.


The new colors should be up and ready to go in about 5 days, there were a few snags in the processing and it took a little longer than expected. 


We have in stock “naked” camel back bladders.  How do I explain?  Well, these are packs that people where on their back which hold about 2-3 liters of fluid.  At the bottom of the pack is a tube that you use to get the fluid from the pack, to your mouth.  Basically, we have these bladders with nothing else around them.  I will have to post a picture I think, so you can understand what these are.  My hope is that people will use these bladders and make their own shoulder straps and pouch for them out of paracord.  This would probably give someone at least 200 feet of usable paracord on their back.  Check out the picture below and you can find this product in the "Outdoor Gear" section or click here.