Happy new year!  I hope everyone has great health, wealth, and happiness in the new year.  


After evaluating other suppliers, it was my understanding that we were not competitive on buckles.  

With that being said, I am happy to announce prices on our buckles are now among the cheapest on the internet.  The buckles are now sold in quantities of 5, 10, 20, & 50.  The price formatting is set so the more you purchase, the more you save.  

I would like to thank Dustin for the idea of evaluating our buckle pricing.  This should give you a one-stop-shop for your paracord needs.  


It's official, we have hit 1000 subscribers on our Youtube channel.  It's pretty amazing and crazy at the same time.  I never imagined we would hit 1000.  So, thank you to everyone who has subscribed.  The videos do not always get updated on this site at the same time they are posted on youtube.  So, to stay on top of the newest videos we create, go to our Youtube Channel and subscribe.  I post a new video nearly every day so there is something new all the time.  


This month our color inventory will increase to include many more colors and pattern.  Keep an eye out for them!


Stay creative my friends!